Family plus LovieHi my name is Lauren. I LOVE all things to do with paper and crafts in general. I (still) want to learn how to sew so if anyone can teach a hopeless case let me know! LOL! I am a stay at home mom to the coolest little boy, my hubby is the best and even though he doesn’t quite understand it he still supports my crafting addiction 😉 We also have the coolest dog EVER, his name is Bud and he is a 152 lb English Mastiff. Most people are intimidated by him, but he is a gentle giant and my son’s BFF 😉 I love joining in with challenges because I feel they really get my mojo going. I have never been on any design teams and I have only been featured a handful of times, but my goal is to get myself out there and and least try out for some DTs and maybe submit a card or two for publication. Even if I don’t make any or every card I send in is rejected, at least I am building a thicker skin in the process and growing as an artist. I follow too many blogs to count (and usually check them ALL throughout the day believe it or not!) and I think the crafting community here in blog land is pretty special because I have yet to come across any drama or hatefulness so that’s the place for me! I like to “kill ’em with kindness.” That’s been my motto and I’m sticking to it and trying to follow it in ALL things which, let’s face it, in this world is a hard thing to do. 😉 I hope you are having a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by little crafty corner of blog land!


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